Top US Payment Gateways for Seamless Payment Processing

When it comes to the online payment process, payment gateways are the first step. This technology enables merchants to accept debit or credit card purchases from customers by capturing and transferring payment data. Essentially, it passes the payment information along from the customer to the acquirer and then transfers the acceptance/decline back to the customer.

A payment gateway is incredibly important because it encrypts customers’ sensitive credit card details as it is passed back and forth between the customer and acquiring bank. In short, it works as the middleman. To find the best payment gateway for smooth business processes and customer safety, you need to choose the right provider for your business type and industry. 

Choosing the best payment gateway for your business 

If you’re looking for the top online payment gateways in the U.S., this list will help guide you to the option that best fits your business’ unique needs and situation. Get all of the tools, technology and support you need to lead in the competitive game and satisfy your customers’ ever-changing needs.


Due to the uncertainty and unpredictability of the past year, customers are embracing payment processing options that they might not have otherwise considered, or at least not so soon. One good example is cryptocurrency. More and more consumers are choosing the varied options of cryptocurrency payment. If this option is something you want for your business, GoURL allows you to easily process cryptocurrencies. 

Merchant Services Broker Solutions

If your biggest concern is modern and secured payment options, consider Merchant Services Broker Solutions. This company offers one of the finest payment options in the industry, simplifying payment processing by merging it with the right payment gateway to suit your business’ unique needs and requirements.


Especially today, no business can survive long in any industry without a flexible payment gateway. Customers today expect options – options that are fast, convenient and secure. Cayan offers various operational options at affordable pricing with 247 support, quickly pushing it to one of the top preferred gateway payment providers in the U.S. market.

Amazon Pay

Considered one of the most flexible and reliable gateways in the world market, Amazon Pay gives its customers a long list of simple payment options. This provider is also known for affordable charges and fees, unlike many of the payment gateway providers in the market today. An added bonus is its informative website that makes the installation and setup process simple and straightforward.

Blue Pay

This payment gateway provider is known for its one-click feature, allowing consumers the convenience of choosing payment options with just one click. In fact, BluePay is considered the easiest payment option from the consumers’ point of view. The many features BluePay offers ultimately provides a seamless customer shopping experience. 

Pinwheel Pay

Pinwheel Pay was originally developed to offer merchants advanced features like 3D Secure, multi-currency conversion and intelligent transaction routing. Known for its ease and simplicity, with just a few clicks, merchants can integrate their online shops and other e-commerce platforms (e.g. Shopify). It is not only integrated with the top major payment providers, but the list just keeps growing.

Where to Find Top Payment Gateway Providers

Are you looking for a little more information before committing? Check out the information the team at Best Payment Providers has to offer. Browse reviews on the top payment gateway providers in the U.S. like WorldPay, Secure Trading, Pinwheel Pay and Sage Pay to find the right option for your business and customers. Discover everything you need – the latest news, updates and reviews – to choose a provider that understands your industry, and has the reputation you deserve.

Use this list of top U.S. payment gateway providers to find an option that best fits your business’ unique needs. Find a provider that will help you create a seamless customer experience.