How To Grow Your Tech Company With Email Marketing In 2021

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Email marketing has been one of the most effective ways to grow your tech business this year, and we don’t think that will change in 2021. What will change is how business leaders and marketing teams grow their email lists and interact with subscribers. In this industry, you have to stay on top of the latest trends and meet customer expectations. 

It’s predicted that there will be nearly 4.15 billion email users by the end of next year. In other words, there’s a good chance your target audience actively uses email and can benefit from connecting with your company. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most impactful ways you can boost the success of your email campaigns. This advice is intended to help you build your list, nurture leads and secure more sales. 

Personalize the sign-up process

Personalization affects virtually every aspect of marketing. Consumers expect brands to show them relevant products and services. This once rare strategy is now commonplace across all industries, particularly tech companies. 

Many businesses choose to segment their audience based on how they organically interact with different emails. While this method does work, there’s a much quicker way to segment your customers on day one. 

The first thing I suggest doing is including several optional personalization questions directly on your sign-up form. For instance, if your company sells blog themes, you may ask new email subscribers to choose whether they want your product for personal or business use. Depending on their answer, you can create a personalized drip campaign with content and offers relevant to each person. 

I also recommend adding questions to your welcome email, which should go out immediately after each subscription. Let customers know that you’re interested in personalizing their experience, and ask them questions that you can use to segment them into the appropriate list. 

Use automation to improve efficiency

Next, let’s talk about how automation can improve the efficiency of your email marketing strategy. This step in the process is about using powerful tools that help you accomplish more in less time. 

If you run multiple campaigns, including SMS and web push notifications, you may want to look into an omnichannel marketing tool that can automate your campaigns from one place. 

When you use these tools to create drip campaigns while gathering data on subscriber behavior, you’ll have the information you need to build a stronger marketing campaign. 

For example, if you notice that all your emails with a specific subject line tend to have a low open rate, it may be time to consider split testing your titles and the users receiving the email. When you use email automation tools to learn about your customers and your email campaign’s effectiveness, you have options to continually grow based on new data. 

Don’t fear experimentation 

Speaking of split testing, the last thing we will talk about today is the value of testing elements of your email marketing campaign. Some marketers don’t like experimenting with different parts of their emails to get better results, but the simple truth is, this strategy works. 

Split testing was important in 2020, but it will become even more critical in 2021. Tech leaders are using advanced tools to measure the progress of the changes they make to emails, and the results look promising. 

The best way to run a split test is by picking one part of your email that you want to change. You could choose the headline, the text copy, the formatting or even the call to action. After you make the change, split the campaign between half of your audience, and measure the results. If you see that more people are engaging with the test email, keep the change, and move on to the next tweak. 

As a general rule, I suggest letting split tests run for at least two weeks before finalizing any changes. Data can skew both ways in a short amount of time, so you want to make sure you’re looking at accurate results. 

Back to you

There you have it. Now, you know three of the best strategies for improving your email marketing campaign. The tech industry is changing fast, so we see many of these email trends evolve before other sectors. Keep these tips and mind, and you’ll have no problem ending 2021 with a highly engaged email list and more sales.

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