Collaboration, partnerships are key to Talan Products’ growth

“Eighty percent of the cost that goes into a part is established by the time the design is done,” says Anderson. “If we can get in earlier, we can help a customer save some money.”


Peplin, a lifelong entrepreneur, has had the foresight to identify trends well before they impact markets. “We’ve always targeted high-growth, disruptive segments of a market,” he says. “Thirty years ago, single-ply roofing made up 8% of the market … now it’s 80%. Ten years ago, we first looked at LED lighting, which has gone from $0 to $100 billion. And we’ve been in solar for the past 10 years.”

Talan’s emphasis on training has been equally important to its growth with the firm investing what Peplin terms “three times the dollars and four times the hours” above industry standards. Workplace safety also is emphasized, resulting in a recent run of over 1,000 days without a lost time injury.

 “Developing internally is always on our radar and our training capabilities have helped us grow tremendously,” says Peplin. “We have a good culture here with a local, diverse workforce. I like to say we’re a cool company. If we find someone who has good mechanical aptitude and the right attitude, we can make them into a career employee.”

Talan’s location at the former TRW plant in the city’s Nottingham neighborhood has proven to be a perfect fit, allowing for expansion without the headaches and costs of relocation. “Cleveland was full of underutilized properties 15 years ago and we were fortunate to find this space,” says Peplin. “Having a cost-effective location is important for us.”

The partnership philosophy continues to produce a win-win outcome for Talan’s customers. “It’s cool that we’ve had an opportunity to grow along with them,” says Anderson. “This company has been built on long-term relationships.”

 “There is no one secret to growth,” says Peplin. “It’s 1,000 little things.”

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